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Burning a bot?!

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MessagePosté le: Lun 13 Sep - 23:17 (2010)    Sujet du message: Burning a bot?! Répondre en citant

[13:38]  Enaira Karu: He should see a doctor, this looks serious.
[13:38]  Last Alchemi: retarded
[13:38]  Last Alchemi laughs
[13:38]  Enaira Karu: He ate something bad I bet.
[13:38]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: ~~Dans Ta Gueule!!~~
[13:38]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: ~ ~ In Your Mouth ! ~ ~
[13:38]  Enaira Karu: Can we make you some tea, poor sick man?
[13:38]  lecosutre Boa laughs evily
[13:39]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Wanna taste my fist
[13:39]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Want to taste my fist
[13:39]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Am echauffer
[13:39]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Am inflame
[13:39]  Enaira Karu: Oh no, he has a temperature too! This sounds serious.
[13:39]  lecosutre Boa: ever inflame you should say baby as they means to worry for you
[13:39]  Last Alchemi: he seems fool , isn t he?
[13:39]  Enaira Karu: yeah, pretty much
[13:40]  lecosutre Boa looks for some gagballs under her skirt
[13:40]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: No provthey'lll shut up in a few for sure
[13:40]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: No provthey'lll shut up in a few " for sure
[13:41]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: It has been a long time that i did not dragged anyone in Our Dungeon
[13:41]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: It has-been a long time that i DID not anyone Dragged In Our Dungeon
[13:41]  lecosutre Boa pulls out two looking at Last and Enaira laughing *thats your future job ...being gagged ah!
[13:41]  Last Alchemi: i m so imprest and scared , grins
[13:41]  Enaira Karu yawns.
[13:42]  lecosutre Boa hands the gagballs to foxy
[13:43]  lecosutre Boa hands again the two gagballs to foxy
[13:43]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi tie Enaira 's right foot to Last's left hand....Last right hand to Ebaira left hand
[13:44]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi grab they gag ball and put thee stuff into Last and Enaira 'smouth
[13:44]  stefen2 Citron shouts: meat have an huge anus
[13:44]  lecosutre Boa bites Last on his skull to drain some of him brains
[13:44]  XRPS V0.9.6: lecosutre Boa uses Eatbrains on Last Alchemi
[13:44]  lecosutre Boa: his*))
[13:45]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi search on these both body anything that could help them to fight, or call their friend...he take everything..Weapon and Comunications.
[13:46]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi grab Enaira's Leash into his hands
[13:46]  XRPS V0.9.6: lecosutre Boa uses BloodTies on FoxyOps Owatatsumi
[13:46]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi kick last in the back..And untie his member from Enaira:"This little shit will stay there"
[13:46]  lecosutre Boa places her left foot on Enaira's face pressing the gagball straight in it smiling to her * so so*
[13:47]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: let's go home will be more safe
[13:47]  lecosutre Boa nods
[13:50]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi sourit à la captid et regarde Lecosutre:" Bébé tu as faim?"
[13:50]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / Me smiles and looks at the captid Lecosutre : " Baby you 're hungry? "
[13:51]  lecosutre Boa: no no i'm good now i got enough from her and she is not so tasty
[13:52]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi hausse des epaule..:" Bien comme tu le voudras, pour ma part je me contanterais de sa chair, une fois cuite je suis sure qu'elle seras somptueuse....*Foxy Gran Enaira par les cheveux et tire son corps vers lui.* Come there Babe
[13:53]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / Me .. rising shoulder : " Good as you like, for my part I contanti of his flesh , when fired I 'm sure she 'll be gorgeous ....* Foxy Gran ners by the hair and pulled her Come to her body .* There Babe
[13:53]  lecosutre Boa watches the scene quietly smiling and adds * you could remove this gagball too i want to listen to her sreams*
[13:53]  lecosutre Boa: please oh please my love remove it
[13:54]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Bah...Je pensais laisser ce gagball bouillir dans sa bouche....un peu comme une fraise sur un gâtau.... Mais comme tu veux je m'en passerais..*foxy remove enaira gag*
[13:54]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Well ... I thought let this gagball boil in his mouth .... a bit like a strawberry on a gâtau .... But like you I want to spend ..* gag * foxy remove ners
[13:54]  lecosutre Boa Hehehehe
[13:55]  Enaira Karu looks at the fire and raises and eyebrow. "Do you really think heat will turn my electric cycles into something eatable?
[13:56]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi ricane à son commentaire:" J'ai manger bien des saloperie sur ce feu et crois moi une fois cuite....Toute viandes est commestible."
[13:56]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / Me chuckles at his comment: " I eat a lot of crap on this fire and believe me once .... Any cooked meat is edible. "
[13:56]  Enaira Karu: You might be right if meat there was...
[13:56]  Enaira Karu: But as you might know - I'm a machine.
[13:57]  lecosutre Boa laughs at Enaira's coment then adds in a joking way * ah we could recycle your electric cycles also after *
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: I do not care.. Your look is maked of Skin... Even if you're a robot i see alot of meat there.
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: I do not care .. Your look of Skin Makeda IS ... Even if you're a robot i see a lot of meat There .
[13:57]  Enaira Karu: You can eat a transistor or two - but I really doubt it will cure you from your fits.
[13:58]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi borné...Attrappe la main de Enaira et lui coupe un doigt....Il jètte se doigt au Feu et peux remarquer que cette peau est bien artificielle:"Salope elle ne ment pas!"
[13:58]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / me ... Catch bounded ners hand and cuts off a finger .... he throws himself on fire finger and can point out that this artificial skin is " slut she is not lying ! "
[13:58]  lecosutre Boa: [Ô_Ô] WOOOW
[13:58]  lecosutre Boa: she ignores what you are avaible to eat baby
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Ben si je ne peux pas la mangée ....Je m'en ferais un collier !!!
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Well if I can not .... I 'm 'd eaten a necklace !
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: D:
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: If i canot eat that, i'll make a necklace
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: If i Eat That boat , I'll make a necklace
[13:59]  Enaira Karu looks at her hand, missing a finger now, tying a knot to the wires that hang out of it. "Well, that will cost me another fes bucks for a replacement.
[14:01]  lecosutre Boa sniffs the odor coming from Enaira's body burning in the flames then steps in the siding building taking some alcool that could help the fire to burn her faster
[14:02]  Enaira Karu moans out loud and says in a computer voice: "" - then goes all quiet.
[14:02]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi look at Enaira trying to knot to the wires that hang out of it ((lol)) and notice that she do not got any emotion or feeling..he frowns as he do not know at this moment what do does more with her Mecanique Body": Baby you got an idea?"
[14:02]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / Me looks at ners Trying to knot the wires to hang out of it That (( lol )) and do not notice That She Got any emotion or feeling .. ET ET do not have frown at this time know what do Does More With Her Body Mechanics " Baby you got year idea ? ".
[14:04]  lecosutre Boa openned the cargo box to take some alcool and came back to the scene handing the alcool bottle to foxy afraid from flame she gives the bottle to him *try this baby maybe it can help to find out some better parts that we could sale i'm not about to touch those flames myself*
[14:06]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi grab that bottle and thanks his baby with a sweet kiss as he now drink that alcool...;Of course Foxy wont let go that Machin goes away like that he so think about it:"Well Well...Fuck it stupid Machina..Say me now what is your weakeness!"
[14:06]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / Grab That I Loved and thanks baby bottle with a sweet kiss That did ET drink alcohol now ... Of course Foxy wont let go Machin That Goes Like That Away ET n Think about it : " Well Well ... Fuck it stupid Machina .. Say I now what is your weakeness ! "
[14:08]  Enaira Karu tries hard to concentrate as her cycles start to refuse power. "You....can....destroy me, but I am only one of the models.....Enaira is....a.....series of...........fight...........robots.
[14:09]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi scratches his head:" Do you mean that you're not the lone Enaira?!! "*whispere to hiself : fuck it am gonna go crazy*
[14:09]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / I Loved scratches head : "Do you mean you're not the lone That ners ? ! "* whispers to hiself : fuck it am gonna go crazy *
[14:10]  Enaira Karu: Ohhhhhhh -
[14:10]  lecosutre Boa laughs about that foxy is loosing the way * aww look baby she will disapear move her out of there before the end*
[14:12]  lecosutre Boa looks around in panic to find some water or something like a carpet to eradicate those flames
[14:12]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi see her body diseintegrating under the fire and know now that he can kill,kill,kill and kill again that fucking mahina, he'll still see another serie coming back:"The hell.. I've to be clever ... the next enaira i'll capture will be connected to my computer, i need to know more about that fucking thing and destroy her completly
[14:12]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / I See Her body diseintegrating "under the fire and know now That He can kill , kill , kill and kill again That Fucking mahina , he'll see Still Another series coming back: "The hell I've .. .. To Be Clever . I'll catch the next ners Will Be connected to my computer , i need to know more about That Fucking thing and destroy completly Her
[14:13]  Enaira Karu is merely a pile of wires, transistors and platines lying in the fire........but she will be back.

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