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Bad Step from Shao

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MessagePosté le: Sam 11 Sep - 14:13 (2010)    Sujet du message: Bad Step from Shao Répondre en citant

[2010/09/10 13:38]  Shao Kesten: four on two
[2010/09/10 13:38]  Shao Kesten: hs getting better
[2010/09/10 13:40]  Shao Kesten: there goes nancie
[2010/09/10 13:42]  Nancie Devin shouts: Hey you like our picture together sweetylol
[2010/09/10 13:44]  Shao Kesten: i see two nbk might take all of ya
[2010/09/10 13:44]  Shao Kesten: laughs
[2010/09/10 13:44]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: ur boring me
[2010/09/10 13:44]  Shao Kesten: you still ass hole
[2010/09/10 13:44]  Starlights Bailey: why pay him attention foxy?
[2010/09/10 13:44]  Starlights Bailey: lol
[2010/09/10 13:44]  lecosutre Boa: Lolz!
[2010/09/10 13:45]  Shao Kesten: foxy dont like the truth
[2010/09/10 13:45]  lecosutre Boa: for that i bet
[2010/09/10 13:45]  Lili McCullough: stop star or i'll insult you
[2010/09/10 13:45]  Lili McCullough giggles.
[2010/09/10 13:45]  Starlights Bailey: i´ll berat you with a dead fish iof you do
[2010/09/10 13:45]  Lili McCullough: Nuuuuuuu!
[2010/09/10 13:45]  lecosutre Boa: lol lili !! gonna spank you
[2010/09/10 13:45]  XRPS V0.9.6: Shao Kesten has been defeated by Ran Aho!
[2010/09/10 13:46]  Lili McCullough whistles innocently
[2010/09/10 13:46]  Shao Kesten: thanks ran
[2010/09/10 13:46]  XRPS V0.9.6: Ran Aho has been defeated by FoxyOps Owatatsumi!
[2010/09/10 13:46]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: POINNnn POINNNnn POINNnn POIINNNnnnNnnn....
[2010/09/10 13:46]  Shao Kesten: now do what you do best
[2010/09/10 13:47]  Enaira Karu drags Ran.

[13:47]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi tie Shao
[13:47]  Shao Kesten: is bound
[13:47]  toppa Hax: enjoy bound
[13:47]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi take all his weapon and comm's
[13:47]  Shao Kesten: has no come or weopons
[13:51]  kevin71 Chuwen shouts: where are you larva^^
[13:51]  Gabriella Laville: wich one?
[13:51]  lecosutre Boa: :p
[13:51]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi grab the rope tighly into his hand to be sure that no one will steal the body again....Foxy walk over Shao and knee front him
[13:52]  Shao Kesten: looks up at foxy and smiles
[13:53]  Shao Kesten: you think this do anything for your ego?
[13:53]  Lili McCullough: have you shrank your ass toppypop?
[13:53]  Shao Kesten: chuckles and wides blood off hes mouth
[13:54]  toppa Hax: sec
[13:54]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: I do not got woried about my ego believe me *Foxy grab his k-nif into his pocket and chuckles as he put the blade against shao's cheek* But i do for your toungue, she's too much pending now i really got bored of you and your comments.
[13:54]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: I do not got woried about my ego Believe me * Foxy grab Loved k - nif Into Loved pocket and Chuckles 've ET could the Blade Against shao 's cheek * Purpose i do for your toungue , she's "too much pending now i really got bored of you and your comments.
[13:55]  Shao Kesten: yeah must suck to be you
[13:55]  lecosutre Boa Hehehehe
[13:55]  Gabriella Laville glares at Shao and mumbles to no one in particular " wow.. for someone who's just got knocked down he talks alot..."
[13:56]  Shao Kesten: smiles
[13:56]  Shao Kesten: i only speek the truth
[13:56]  lecosutre Boa yawns looking around as she don't want to look after Shao in this position, then whistle as a crasy
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Yea say shit as usual. I know who i'am and what i do. Am at this moment menacing you with my blade *he say pushing that k-niff over shao's lips letting some blood flowwing* And i do not think you're in position to menace again. I'll think you're really rude guy or crazy
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Yea say shit as usual. I Know Who and What i'am i do. Am at this moment menacing you with my blade * He Say That pushing NIFF over k - shao 's lips Some blood letting flowwing * And i do not think you're in position to threaten again . I'll think 're Really tough guy crazy gold
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: So in definitif it must suck to be you loner
[13:57]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: So it must in final suck to be you loner
[13:58]  Shao Kesten: feels the knife cut into hes lips and makes no sound
[13:58]  Ran Aho: tsss
[13:58]  Lili McCullough: people are so rude around here
[13:58]  Ran Aho: ah yes !!
[13:58]  Ran Aho: she helped the big guy
[13:58]  toppa Hax: erm
[13:58]  lecosutre Boa: Aah!
[13:58]  Ran Aho: lol
[13:58]  Lili McCullough: who are you talking about
[13:58]  Ran Aho: UUU
[13:58]  Gabriella Laville shivers a little as she sees the knife cut Shao, but says nothing this time
[13:58]  lecosutre Boa: hey angie
[13:58]  angie Alenquer:  ㋡  ☆*¨¨*:•.•:*¨* hallo hello hi holla *¨¨*:•.•:*¨*☆  ㋡
[13:58]  Lili McCullough: there is a lot of "she"
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Do you notice that no one is runing to help you? I'am sure if someone come it will be by pitiée.. Huhuhu. *foxy cut Shao's toungue in a lone hit*
[13:59]  Princess Yuitza: covers her eyes
[13:59]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: Do you notice That No One Is runing to help you ? I'am sure if someone come by pity it Will Be .. Huhuhu . * foxy toungue cut Shao 's In A lone hits *
[13:59]  Starlights Bailey: hey angie
[13:59]  Ran Aho: so !
[13:59]  Ran Aho: u feel good ?
[13:59]  Ran Aho: hit a little one
[13:59]  Ran Aho: tsss
[13:59]  Shao Kesten: grunts in pain
[13:59]  Lili McCullough: you're taller than me
[13:59]  Lili McCullough shrugs and lights a ciggie
[14:00]  Ran Aho: waouuu stupid ? i don't talk about that
[14:00]  Lili McCullough: then express yourself better next time
[14:00]  Ran Aho: u seem like to be an old woman
[14:00]  Ran Aho: with great experience
[14:00]  Lili McCullough: yeah i'm your grandma
[14:00]  Ran Aho: its that i am talking about
[14:00]  Ran Aho: but enough talking
[14:00]  lotus Firanelli: hey but i want you relase him
[14:01]  Gabriella Laville wants to looks away but can't, morbidly fascinated by the blood, the tip of her tongue slips over her upperlip , leaving a moist trail of saliva
[14:01]  XRPS V0.9.6: Starlights Bailey uses EBoost on angie Alenquer
[14:01]  lotus Firanelli: did you hear there?
[14:02]  lecosutre Boa blinks getting attire by the odor incoming and moans as she add randomly those words *yum yum brain yum brain yum *
[14:02]  Shao Kesten: tries to clover hes bleeding mouth with hes hand
[14:02]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi grab shao's tougne and put it into a pot next place that pot into his pocket. His blood iss flowing on the floor abondément ."I do not know if it can grow back. But i hope at least it will make you think before saying these fucking coment that iritate my mood"
[14:02]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / grab me and shao 's Tougne Put it up Into a pot next pot That Into Loved pocket . His Blood on the Floor iss flowing abundantly. " I do not know if it can grow back . Aim at least i hope it Will Make You Think Before Saying That argument fucking coment iritate my mood "
[14:03]  XRPS V0.9.6: Gabriella Laville uses EBoost on Starlights Bailey
[14:03]  lecosutre Boa: Gab, please help help my mind if fucked up from bloor odor help need to eat brain
[14:03]  Shao Kesten: think who he will repay him for this
[14:03]  lecosutre Boa chuckles to herself
[14:03]  Gabriella Laville grins , then nods and says to leco " err... porn? naked men? nookie?"
[14:04]  Crow Burns: o.O
[14:04]  Starlights Bailey: Nuuuuuuu!
[14:04]  Crow Burns: ...
[14:04]  Starlights Bailey: no nookie
[14:04]  Starlights Bailey chuckles
[14:04]  lecosutre Boa: blood blood brains..doll is brain and blood junkie
[14:04]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi chuckles as he notice Shao keeping silent:"How appreciating !!" Foxy stand up now and kick shao to make his body rolling till lotus"Now you can grab that bish"
[14:04]  FoxyOps Owatatsumi: / I 've Chuckles ET Shao record keeping " silent " Appreciating How ! " Foxy stand up now and kick shao body to make rolling till Loved lotus " Now You Can Grab That bish "
[14:04]  Gabriella Laville almost moans " yessss.. nookie.. it's been..." counts on her fingers " at least 5 hours since I had some.. I need it...! "
[14:04]  Starlights Bailey will be right back.
[14:05]  Shao Kesten: dubles over in pain from the kick and spits out blood from hes mouth moaning from the pain
[14:05]  lecosutre Boa blurps as she turns back on her heels like if a strong force was asking her to go to shao and to bite him, she steps a bit closer of his layed body ...abit more each second and decides to bite him from head
[14:06]  XRPS V0.9.6: lecosutre Boa uses Eatbrains on Shao Kesten
[14:06]  Gabriella Laville cocks her head as Shao moans , then sighs " no... not a guy without a tongue.. thats even to freaky for me.. "
[14:06]  Shao Kesten: passes out from the pain of her bite
[14:07]  lotus Firanelli: drags Shao.
[14:07]  lecosutre Boa makes that noise from bones cracking with her teets *gnarf gnagn crrr crr gnarf* and bites Shao a new time as she was possessed *so...wy...shao* she adds as she can't stop biting his head....

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