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Evo & Jerem / Clawfinger cahir &Claudy Deed

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MessagePosté le: Mar 24 Aoû - 20:42 (2010)    Sujet du message: Evo & Jerem / Clawfinger cahir &Claudy Deed Répondre en citant

[10:32] XRPS V0.9.5 - METER: clawfinger Cahir has been defeated!

[10:32] Evo Ditko: Bwahaaa hahahaha...
[10:32] clawfinger Cahir: hmm u got armour now :p
[10:32] clawfinger Cahir: and i forgot mine as usualy ^^

[10:33] Evo Ditko tie Claw's Claw together.

[10:33] clawfinger Cahir accepted your inventory offer.

[10:33] Evo Ditko take all his weapons and comunication that could help him to contact his friend.

[10:34] clawfinger Cahir: ieuw :s

[10:35] Evo Ditko drag the demon with him
[10:35] Evo Ditko tire la langue :p

[10:36] XRPS V0.9.5 - METER: Claudy Deed uses Awaken-3 on clawfinger Cahir
[10:37] XRPS V0.9.5 - METER: Claudy Deed has been defeated by Evo Ditko!

[10:37] Evo Ditko tie Claudy

[10:37] Claudy Deed coughs some blood

[10:37] clawfinger Cahir: leave her alone !

[10:38] Evo Ditko grab her

[10:38] Steel Cord Bindings: Claudy Deed has been bound by .

[10:38] clawfinger Cahir: leave that girl alone !!!

[10:38] Evo Ditko: No i got lucky, two toys!
[10:38] Evo Ditko drag Claudy*
[10:40] Evo Ditko grins as he smell that ambiance of blood, he grab Claudia and lays her on the cross

[10:41] clawfinger Cahir struggels to try to escape

[10:41] Evo Ditko grab now the monster and lay him on that red ring thing as he chain his claws to it.

[10:41] JeremFR Hax: Surprised
[10:41] JeremFR Hax: hey bro
[10:41] JeremFR Hax: whats goin on

[10:41] clawfinger Cahir: uh ooh

[10:41] Claudy Deed feels sick and weak she pukes

[10:41] Evo Ditko: Yop Bro, look at what i did found.

[10:42] JeremFR Hax: haha

[10:42] JeremFR Hax: i know this zombi
[10:42] JeremFR Hax: but not this young lycan

[10:42] Evo Ditko: He was playing the mean one with stefen yesterday
[10:42] Evo Ditko: or earlier

[10:42] JeremFR Hax: who is she ?

[10:42] Evo Ditko: I dunno she came to help him

[10:42] JeremFR Hax: hm i see

[10:42] Evo Ditko: Get fun with her if you want too
[10:42] Evo Ditko: She a bit cutty
[10:42] Evo's translator: She was bit cutty

[10:42] clawfinger Cahir: grrrr

[10:43] JeremFR Hax takes her katana from her hand

[10:43] Evo Ditko look at the red monster and grab his tail into his hand to pull on it:"So we was asking whho you are."

[10:43] clawfinger Cahir: grrr nobody
[10:44] clawfinger Cahir: ur nightmaire

[10:44] Claudy Deed whispers with a weak voice " better dont touch me "

[10:44] clawfinger Cahir: yea dond touch her she hes nasty disseeses :p

[10:44] clawfinger Cahir: winks to claudy

[10:44] JeremFR Hax: i remeber i see you in judgement, you looked nice....
[10:45] JeremFR Hax: why have you help this zombi

[10:45] Claudy Deed spits some blood

[10:45] Evo Ditko: You're nobody..*chuckles a bit* ...Well Mr Nobody. Let me introduce you to this place....Is the entrance of the Hell...The way which me and my Fam came directly. You can believe that we're alot of cruel imagination, and we can make people talk in any Way.

[10:45] Claudy Deed: cuz iamma is healer

[10:45] clawfinger Cahir: well hell boy

[10:45] JeremFR Hax: you are ? aw well...

[10:45] clawfinger Cahir: how do u gone let a rock demon talk huh
[10:45] clawfinger Cahir: tell me
[10:45] clawfinger Cahir: flesh boy

[10:45] JeremFR Hax: not sure you make a good choise

[10:46] clawfinger Cahir: dos pee in evo
[10:46] clawfinger Cahir: aaahh that feels good

[10:46] Claudy Deed: i made trust me wehn jaziera will be here she help me

[10:47] clawfinger Cahir: hoehahahaha
[10:47] clawfinger Cahir: do ur best littel fellow

[10:47] JeremFR Hax start to make his katana close of her face

[10:47] Evo Ditko: No worrie you're not the first that we meeted *he say as he pull more on his tails...That strongh as we can hear something cracking *"I'll put that til into your nose to make her go out of your body by your ass if you do not talk"
[10:47] JeremFR Hax: you cute,aw you know jazi

[10:48] Claudy Deed nods and peeks at his katna close infront of her face and shivers

[10:48] clawfinger Cahir: i swear to god if you touch the girl i will bring hell up here !

[10:48] JeremFR Hax: i dont think she will help you when she will know you helped this fucking zombi against one membre of her fam

[10:49] Evo Ditko: God is a doll haha....You that funy in your way *fox grab the tail and raise her to his nose* SO, I was asking you something, dnt care about that girl bish!"

[10:49] Claudy Deed: you lie he was already down so i couldnt suport him only heal his wounds but even for that i wasnt able to cuz somone take me out

[10:50] JeremFR Hax: next time, dont revive poeple in the fight place

[10:50] JeremFR Hax: it's better to drag him away if you want to do something with

[10:51] clawfinger Cahir: well if you think you can let me talk bring it on then mister hell boy

[10:51] JeremFR Hax: you are so young and weak

[10:51] JeremFR Hax: it's bad to see some one cute like you in trouble with us

[10:51] Claudy Deed chuckles a bit i couldnt because someone already drag him *gives a poisened glance at evo

[10:52] JeremFR Hax: jsut becareful at what you do

[10:52] clawfinger Cahir: well enoufg shit time to bring hell up

[10:52] JeremFR Hax: i will keep one eyes on you now

[10:53] Evo Ditko rising shoulder:"As you wish...Another time.." *Push that tail into claw's nose as we can notic some blood flowing on his cheek......Take a k-nif into his pocket and plant the blade into his stomac* I changed my mind as your tail will not be enough long, she'll come back by your tummy !"*evo cut that stomac till his torse...His gut seem to appear*

[10:53] JeremFR Hax cut one flower of her hair and smell it* i keep it for me

[10:54] Claudy Deed: crys
[10:54] Claudy Deed: my flower *looks sad
[10:55] Claudy Deed crys again " let me go please "

[10:55] Evo Ditko chuckles as he hear claudy crying

[10:56] JeremFR Hax: i will
[10:56] JeremFR Hax: next time.. we will be more hardly with you if you come interfer in our business

[10:57] Claudy Deed: cool so easy one cry *smiles a bit

[10:57] Evo Ditko blinks as claw look inexpressive......He kneel on the floor to take a rat that was walking over there and raise her to claw's stomac....He push that Rat into his stomac deeply and close back his red skin on it.:"See you got a new pet!"

[10:57] clawfinger Cahir: well boy ur still gone pay for the tail

[10:58] Evo Ditko: Yea they all say that

[10:58] JeremFR Hax unbind Claudy from the cross but keep their hand and feet bind

[10:59] clawfinger Cahir: /trie's to bite evo's head of

[10:59] Claudy Deed coughs as she drop from the cross

[10:59] Evo Ditko begins to the seam, he picks up a box on the floor containing all stuff a designer and closes the stomach containing the Rat: "Yeah I was a fashion designer, I finally are feeling, since I have bitten the body i did got some new skills ".

[10:59] JeremFR Hax grab claudy on his shoulder and start to walk out

[11:00] Evo Ditko grab the monster out of there:"Come we finished Mr Nobody"

[11:00] JeremFR Hax: bro i will put her out of her

[11:00] Evo Ditko: Ill give you back to miho!

[11:00] clawfinger Cahir: don d worrie claod i'll get out

[11:00] Evo Ditko: Yea

[11:00] JeremFR Hax: or you want her for one litle time again ?

[11:00] clawfinger Cahir try's to breack free

[11:02] JeremFR Hax: undinc her and thow her into judgement

[11:02] JeremFR Hax: now run away

[11:05] Evo Ditko throw Claw to Calista's foot:"There i give you back this Mr Nobody...he got a new pet in the stomac, care well about him!!"

[11:05] Catalina Snowpaw unties claw

[11:05] Steel Cord Bindings shouts: clawfinger Cahir has slipped their bindings without being released!

[11:06] clawfinger Cahir: ooh oops
✰✰✰ Evo ✰✰✰

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