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christy crie a la supercherie

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Inscrit le: 16 Aoû 2010
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MessagePosté le: Dim 22 Aoû - 01:38 (2010)    Sujet du message: christy crie a la supercherie Répondre en citant

[15:20]  Christy Odets: If u have something to say say it
[15:21]  Asix Diesel: that stink here
[15:21]  Christy Odets: the dude that just followed me up here
[15:21]  Asix Diesel: you smell something that i smelt in my home
[15:21]  Asix Diesel grins
[15:22]  Christy Odets whispers: hmm the stench of cum and piss
[15:22]  Christy Odets: maybe a bit of blood
[15:22]  Christy Odets: nice homecoming hmm?
[15:22]  Christy Odets grins
[15:22]  Asix Diesel nods and fronce " how do you know that
[15:22]  Asix Diesel draw his gun and point it on her head
[15:22]  Christy Odets: do you not know I know pretty much everything that goes on in the city
[15:22]  Christy Odets slaps his hand away
[15:23]  Asix Diesel: tell me what you where doing in my home
[15:23]  Tigalo Clip *MOANS*
[15:23]  Christy Odets: Id suggest you get the fuck out of my fce
[15:23]  Asix Diesel smiles evily" or what
[15:23]  Asix Diesel relaod his gun
[15:23]  Christy Odets: why dont you ask your leader that question
[15:24]  Xamena Diavolo: whit one cus i hurd down there its a little hand gun
[15:24]  Christy Odets: unless u want to take his place
[15:24]  Christy Odets: ill gladly let you take his punishment for him
[15:24]  Christy Odets: and he DEFINANTLY has one coming boy
[15:24]  Asix Diesel fronce again" my leader asked my to invistogate about that " i found who did it now
[15:25]  Christy Odets: well have you found them?
[15:25]  Asix Diesel: you will die and befor that suffer
[15:25]  Christy Odets: if not wtf are you hear annoying ME?
[15:25]  Christy Odets: i will huh?
[15:25]  Asix Diesel: indded
[15:25]  Christy Odets: why because I inhabit the same earth as you?
[15:26]  Xamena Diavolo: looks to the man better have little respect for a woman
[15:26]  Asix Diesel laughs " we need a wife s home to clean up our home
[15:26]  Christy Odets: get USE to it
[15:26]  Christy Odets: you have plenty of bitches with u
[15:26]  Xamena Diavolo: laffs insane
[15:26]  Christy Odets: put them to work and get out of my face
[15:26]  Asix Diesel noticed the man behind him " you could u just shup up please
[15:26]  Christy Odets glares to the man
[15:26]  Xamena Diavolo: you dont own me rolls his eyew
[15:27]  Christy Odets: If u wanted a QUIET conversation you chose the wrong place
[15:27]  Asix Diesel: what about to follow me
[15:27]  Asix Diesel: i would like to show you something
[15:27]  Christy Odets: like i havent heard that before
[15:27]  Xamena Diavolo: omfg
[15:27]  Christy Odets rolls her eyes
[15:27]  Christy Odets: wtf is it with your family?
[15:27]  Christy Odets: they seem to have a hard up for me huh?
[15:27]  Asix Diesel smiles "you better follow me
[15:28]  Xamena Diavolo: the will love ya sis laffs insane
[15:28]  Christy Odets: well you go home and tell them to STROKE it themselves
[15:28]  Christy Odets: and if ur accusing me
[15:28]  Christy Odets: you best have some PROOF
[15:28]  Asix Diesel: you smell that f*** cum
[15:29]  Xamena Diavolo: looks to them hi cant handel it alone laffs
[15:29]  Asix Diesel: that s my prouve
[15:29]  Xamena Diavolo: sis i know you work it hard and ruff but this Surprised
[15:29]  Christy Odets: the cum u smell is u
[15:29]  Christy Odets: try changing clothes?
[15:30]  Asix Diesel: guys let s bring her at our base, i have some question to ask
[15:30]  Christy Odets: how bout you ask my ass?
[15:30]  Christy Odets: cause thats all thats answering
[15:30]  Christy Odets: and honestly
[15:30]  Christy Odets: how many?
[15:30]  Christy Odets: 4 for me?
[15:30]  Asix Diesel: i can ask your ass only wit my dick
[15:30]  Asix Diesel: don t be unpolite i can be more than you
[15:31]  Christy Odets: I feel so loves
[15:31]  Xamena Diavolo: growls
[15:31]  Christy Odets: *loved
[15:31]  Christy Odets: unpolite?
[15:31]  Christy Odets breathes deeply to calm herself
[15:31]  Christy Odets: ur REALLY pissing me off now
[15:31]  Christy Odets: take ur lovers and run home
[15:31]  Xamena Diavolo: whispers hard you better run
[15:31]  Christy Odets: before i get REALLY pissed
[15:31]  Asix Diesel put a hand on her shoulder "give me quietly your gun sweety
[15:32]  Christy Odets slams her arm into his face
[15:32]  Christy Odets: DONT touch me
[15:32]  Asix Diesel fronce and push her
[15:32]  Daniel01789 Gloster: lag push))
--------------------------------debut du fight-------------------> hs winners malgres l intervention innapproprié des bushido.
[16:17]  Christy Odets looks up at the man
[16:18]  Christy Odets: ok you want to talk?
[16:18]  Asix Diesel looks down at christy
[16:18]  Christy Odets: ohhhh am i interrupting?
[16:19]  Christy Odets: I know that
[16:19]  Christy Odets: hes a man
[16:19]  Asix Diesel approach to christy " tell me why did you at our base last night
[16:19]  Christy Odets: if you want to talk you come with me ALONE
[16:19]  Christy Odets: not all ur goons
[16:19]  Asix Diesel nods
[16:19]  Christy Odets: so keep ur bitches back
[16:19]  Asix Diesel: i follow you
[16:19]  Christy Odets: or you will get no info from me
[16:19]  Christy Odets: got it?
[16:20]  Asix Diesel growls "yes
[16:20]  Christy Odets: come
[16:21]  Christy Odets looks around her surroundings
[16:21]  Christy Odets: now what is it you wish to know?
[16:21]  Christy Odets: as for why i was in ur base
[16:21]  Christy Odets: I was DRUG there
[16:21]  Christy Odets: by one of ur leaders
[16:22]  Asix Diesel: :me look his gun and hide it behind his back" tell me what you were doing in our base last night, i can smell it
[16:22]  Christy Odets: wasnt by choice i assure you
[16:22]  Lylla Pessoa is Offline
[16:22]  Asix Diesel: you smell like this f** sofa
[16:22]  Christy Odets: Evo had me there
[16:22]  Christy Odets: where he proceeded to sew my pussy shut and PISS on me
[16:22]  Christy Odets: so if anyone should be upset its ME
[16:22]  Asix Diesel repete the name that she said " evo *look suprise
[16:23]  Christy Odets growls
[16:23]  Marisol Macbeth is Online
[16:23]  Asix Diesel: you are saying that he raped you *fronce
[16:23]  Christy Odets: yes Evo
[16:23]  Christy Odets: he didnt rape me
[16:23]  Christy Odets: but its prolly his cum all over ur base
[16:24]  Christy Odets: he seemed to get off seeing me naked
[16:24]  Asix Diesel start to laughs
[16:24]  Christy Odets: you think its funny?
[16:24]  Christy Odets steps closer to him
[16:24]  Asix Diesel come back at a serious face " i know pretty well evo , he is my boss
[16:25]  Christy Odets: because I sure didnt think it was funny sir
[16:25]  Asix Diesel whisper at her ear " you aren t his kind of girl
[16:25]  Asix Diesel: /em smiles
[16:25]  Christy Odets: and believe me he wont either when i get done with him
[16:25]  Lylla Pessoa is Online
[16:25]  Christy Odets: ohhhh idk bout that
[16:25]  Asix Diesel look around him and walk in cercle
[16:25]  Christy Odets: he loved when i fucked him in the ass
[16:25]  Asix Diesel: ok
[16:26]  Christy Odets: he looked like he wanted more
[16:26]  Christy Odets grins
[16:26]  Asix Diesel: let me tell you a thing *grins
[16:26]  Christy Odets raises a brow and listens
[16:26]  Christy Odets: please enlighten me
[16:26]  Asix Diesel: i will tell him what you said and if , it s not true *grins " you will suffer as you ever suffer
[16:27]  Christy Odets runs her fingers along the barrel of her gun
[16:27]  Christy Odets: well ask ur doll
[16:27]  Christy Odets: she helped drag me to ur base
[16:27]  Asix Diesel: i will
[16:27]  Christy Odets: or ask Tahoe he rescued me
[16:28]  Christy Odets: why would i make up something like that?
[16:28]  Christy Odets: honestly?
[16:28]  Asix Diesel step back , turn and go away" i will make an invistigation , we won t forget you
[16:28]  Christy Odets: what would I gain from it?
[16:28]  Christy Odets: ohhhhh no please dont lose ur hard on for me
[16:28]  Christy Odets laughs
          ------------------------------------ hihi------------------------

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