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Judgement Rules [EN] 8/23/2010

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Judgement Rules
Welcome to Judgement. A Role Play and Combat Multi-Sim Community using the XRPS Meter System and based in Apocalyptic Times where super beings do exist. For your convenience and to learn more in depth about our Judgement community please log onto our website  is here you can browse the forums and catch a small taste of why Judgement is quickly becoming the model for exciting role play and combat. Please know you can request an Judgement mentor who will gladly go over any or all parts of our rules, our role play events, instruction is combat ‘if’ you want and even offer you a tour.
Judgement is a Mature role play community and our rules require that all those that enter be at least 18 years of age and understand that mature content is allowed. Please keep in mind that Second Life Terms of Service rules state a player must be at least 18 years or older to enter a Mature Sim. Please respect this rule.


The Judgement Staff love the community and are here to help support, nurture and create ways, with the players’ help, to make everyone’s experience a positive one.

A. The Administers (Admins) are in place to help in maintaining the integrity of community when rules are misunderstood or possibly broken. Admins are players themselves and will give directives only if it is determined all other avenues have been closed. They always will assume that any issue can be resolved without fault but, when necessary, they will follow the guidelines in Judgement Penalty.

B. The Game Masters (GM) are versed in role playing, negotiations, compromise and creative story lines. They are players too who are committed to the Judgement community . GMs are essential to the fabric of the Judgement Community and are there to help encourage RP and to redirect possible issues by offering suggestions to the players involved. They try to not be enforcers of the Judgement Rules (but have the authority to), however, their expertise allows them a unique perspective within the role play community to help the players towards a pleasant and rewarding RP experience. They work in concert with Admins and can / will assess ‘compromise initiatives’ during a given length of time and, if none can be concluded, they will call in their counterparts if needed.

C. The Mentors are Judgement teachers skilled in all areas related to playing within the community. They offer players a unique prospective on how the community is flowing including role play events. They explain all rules and examples of how to prevent possible Out of Character (OOC) issues. . Astute in weapons, role play, character development as well mentors will answer questions and guide all players through their stay either initially and/or anytime during the game. ( This is true with any Judgement staff) The Mentor’s headquarters is housed in the Community Center, a location set aside entirely for learning and /or enhancing your Judgement experience.

Judgement Staff OOC tag… when this tag is worn by a Judgement Staff member is it meant to show the players that they are in a ‘call’ and are to given the highest level of respect. This includes players listening to the Staff and never attacking them with this tag on. If any player has an issue with a staff member abusing this OOC tag they are to bring it to Judgement Management.


All those who enter the Judgement Universe must wear an XRPS meter. For those who only want to visit Judgement, they must wear an XRPS ‘JUDGEMENT VISITOR’ tag.
Reminder: Visitors are OOC (Out of Character)

The Judgement Universe uses the XRPS Combat Meter System created by Baron Nowhere.
This innovative system allows the players unending and creative opportunities within our community. XRPS is flexible and designed for the player to communicate with role playing objects, as well as, providing race specific skills for combat and/ or role play. No other meter system will be allowed in Judgement. This includes active and/or inactive HUDs, and/or advertising of the meter through their Second Life avatar.


A. All Judgement players can contact a Judgement Staff member while wearing their meter and typing in local chat /9 admin -> the state your reason and /9mentor -> provide reason. The statement is directly visible to all staff and they will contact you directly.

B. Anyone needing to discuss concerns regarding a Judgement staff member and their possible disrespect towards them or perceived abuse of staff power may contact Nixi Pinazzo or Izzebella Rossini.

C. Anyone who feels the have been penalized unfairly may go to and then to “Last Judgement” to state their case. There will be no tolerance for arguing with staff in open chat and trying to create a public opinion discussion against the on-site Judgement staff.

D. Any player found deliberately and with full knowledge of trying to exploit the XRPS meter will immediately be banned from the universe and Baron Nowhere, owner and creator will be notified.

E. The Judgement Community is English speaking and those that do not speak this language are asked to wear a translator. If a player is asked to send a note card of their logs to an admin for review and it is NOT in English, the log will be translated to help provide honest evidence.

F. All Judgement Commercial properties must be above 600meters and out of the role play zone. The only commercial properties allowed will be shops that have true attended role play in theme, decor and have shop keepers in attendance.

G. No Player may play in Judgement less than 30 days (one month) old in Second Life
(Exception will be allowed if the player speaks to Nixi Pinazzo, Baron Nowhere or Izzebella Rossini and offer sound reasons to allow it)

H. Anyone that contacts a Judgement Admin after receiving a warning or dock from another Judgement admin will be warned and possibly docked for “Admin Shopping”



All In Play is at 375m and lower. There are NO SAFE zones within the Judgement game ‘in play’ zone however, there are areas where role play before attack are required.
1. Exception: Community Center is a safe zone for new players and / or students . This area will be using skills and providing a safer place for learning the XRPS meter and rules. The area is not for ‘in game’ players to linger who are not Judgement staff / Guest teachers or student.
B. All In Play below 375m require that chatter that is Out of Character (OOC) be kept in IMs and/ or in brackets in local chat. [Please read:Role Play]

Judgement ->5(main sim)

Safe Zones
There are NO SAFE ZONES below 375m    * The Gallows is to be seen as a role play, no fighting area

Judgement has both a strong passion for role play interest while sometimes mixing in combat. There is a minimum role play requirement only ‘if‘ the captor wishes to pursue this.


Good Sportsmanship :
Players are expected to respectful in following the rules, behaving friendly in nature,  as well as, remembering to be be a cheerful loser.


All Judgement players wearing a running XRPS meter are a target.

All Judgement players must wear a running (active) XRPS meter when in combat.

No Player can detach their meter while in combat OR aggressive role play and go Non Com.

Non Combative (/9off) is when a player turns off their XRPS meter.

No Player can detach their meter as another player approaches to keep from role playing /combat

Anti-Inspect shields are banned due to disabling the ability for admins to be able to inspect worn items such as illegal weapons or possible cheat devices.


*Role play is required before all combat altercations. There must be clear intent in active words prior to any aggressive action
*The Victor has the choice to role play or not with the defeated play. Defeated players MUST minimum role play with any player that wishes to engage.
Some simple required actions when capturing or freeing a captive.
Note: Remember one may not untie a captive  unless they confront, severely weaken and/or defeat the victor. They can also strategically move the victor away from the captive so the player can ’steal’ them away.
a. /me binds izze
b. /me takes izze com and weapons
c. /me unties izze
d. /me drags izze
e. /me gags izze

Combat role play is text based with the range being 20meters. Players (at this time) may role play any of the above mentioned in chat range ONLY and it is considered legal role play. Distance to the player in defeats, binds, drags, gags, removes weapons and communication devices and/or rescues must be within 20meters, however, soon the XRPS HUD/Meter will have a function that will be activated within a set distance/meters between the players… this function, once available, will be required for combat role play.


Shouting to bind or unbind player when defeated.
Shouting in defeat
Canned or Macro texting in place of actual typing.



CORPSE CAMPING – When a defeated player is revived by the victor (or enemy) who then defeats them again.
NOTE: If you are defeated and you revive (self or natural) you are a target again and can be legally defeated. This is NOT corpse camping

Corpse Camping Harassment: When a player is continuously attacked over a period of time (days or hours) without role play or purpose. [see GM and role play]
NOTE: If you revive you ARE a target again

REVIVING – Remember you are a target. The XRPS meter allows you to chose revive or remain defeated after 5 minutes. If you chose to self revive you run the risk of attack again. [See corpse camping ]
NOTE: if you are revived by a ‘do-gooder ‘ and you do not wish to be revived, contact them in IM stating your wish to stay down and not revive you. Advise you also let the victor know in IM that you did not wish the revive as well.

DEFEATED Players can leave combat if there has been no play other than binding after they paste their nature revive (5min defeat/revive time) in local chat, switch to NON COM then type /99 LEAVING must wait 15 minutes to return.

Player may return to battle AFTER 15 minutes and only if the ‘defeat and Leaving ‘ have been announced in the log earlier

If defeated and victor binds you but then leaves: You must wait five (5) minutes for revive then you may role play: /me wiggles then, /me wiggles more then, /me wiggles out of binds then leave but only after the five minute revive has been announced. The role play of wiggling out of binding should take two (2) minutes. (estimated time is 7 minutes)

NOTE: If the player role plays reinforcing your bounds during your wiggling YOU MAY NOT IGNORE THEM AND CONTINUE TO RP OUT OF BINDINGS ..
You are encouraged to IM the player and discuss their plan for your capture and begin role playing.
If they do not wish to role play there are options.
1. clock begins again
2. suggest you contact a game master to help redirect the storyline.
3. allow you a legally leave and return to combat and/or more role play.

If you have an issue with a player that repeatedly defeats you as you get revived . IM the player and ask . ‘ do you want to RP ?. ” this opens the door to find out the intentions of the other player. This applies in all sims. If you feel you cannot handle the combat defeats then we encourage you to move out of the fray or venture to another sim for more role playing.


No Moving in Defeat – Absolutely NO MOVING in defeat unless from role play where the victor binds and drags you away.
Defeated must role play grievously wounded
LOL ROFL or light conversation while you are weak and defeated ….Not Allowed..
It is legal to revive while bound but DO NOT MOVE
Defeated AO must be off .. Player Must be laying on the ground (Override the AO by typing   /9defeated)

DEFEATED Players can leave combat if there has been no play other than binding after they paste their nature revive (5min defeat/revive time) in local chat, switch to NON COM then type /99 LEAVING

Player may return to battle AFTER 15 minutes and only if the ‘DEFEAT and LEAVING ‘ have been announced in the log earlier
***If defeated and victor binds you but then leaves: You must wait five (5) minutes for revive then you may role play: /me wiggles then, /me wiggles more then, /me wiggles out of binds then leave BUT ONLY AFTER the FIVE MINUTE NATURAL REVIVE has been announced. The role play of wiggling out of binding MUST TAKE Two (2) MINUTES. (complete time is 7 minutes)

NOTE: if the player role plays reinforcing your bounds during your wiggling YOU MAY NOT IGNORE THEM AND CONTINUE TO RP OUT OF BINDINGS ..
You are encouraged to IM the player and discuss their plan for your capture and begin role playing.
If they do not wish to role play there are options.
1. clock begins again
2. suggest you contact a game master to help redirect the storyline.
3. allow you a legally leave and return to combat and/or more role play.




Skills while bound
It is legal to use skills while bound
It is legal to revive while bound


The VICTOR has control over the BOUND player. To have the BOUND released the RESCUER must fight for control in battle or role play.
Also, if victor is fighting (then they have lost control of the bound player) and RESCUER may role play unbinding and/or dragging the BOUND player away.

IF ANYONE OBJECTS (contests) the unbinding/dragging (no role play of offering bound to another player is needed) the Rescuer MUST fight for control either in battle or role play.



ALL Jump and Running Enhancers are illegal
Wearing anY enhancer even if not in use is a dockable offense

No Radar devices off any kind are allowed.
If a player is found wearing any radar whether in operation or not it will be a dockable offense

All animations (AO) that send the player above and beyond normal Second Life abilities in height or speed are illegal.

When defeated AO must be off .. Player Must be laying on the ground

It is illegal to cast skills on a target without an active meter for the goal of increasing your own vitals or stats.

Examples of illegal skills are Vampire bites and Angel blessing.

To be specific: any intentional use of skill on an avatar without an active meter is illegal.


Rezzing into combat – MUST go NON COM or DETACH meter and leave. YOU MUST WAIT

Illegal to rez  ANY PLAYER into battle / Illegal to rez into a battle and/or teleporting out of a  battle.

Sitting on a prim to fly is illegal



Teleporting within a sim(s).

sky box to sky box TPing within an owners parceled land (viewed as flying)

jumping out of sky boxes to the surface

locked/security TPs under 375m


Approved TP to the ground and in the same parcel of land that it is located if under 375m

Teleports within their property only and must make them accessible to all Judgement players if under 375m.

Locked /security with skyboxes above role play area (376m)



Crashing means anything that logs you out of Second Life

Crashing during combat means YOU CANNOT RETURN to the battle for 15 minutes

Stuck considered a crash.
Players must shout out STUCK, go NON COM and CANNOT RETURN to the battle for 15 minutes

Player that is stuck and defeated MUST offer to return and role play in defeated state.

Player may use Second Life land to assist in becoming unstuck but may NOT move through any prims to ’sit’ on the land


Admin calls on Crashed or Stuck tickets – The other player(s) may have the right to continue their fight or role play with the crashed or stuck player.

The player may be instructed they MUST RETURN IN A DEFEATED ROLE PLAY STATE and continue.

Suspicious – Any player that continually has crashing or stuck issues .. t his is be a dockable offense


Convenient Com or Non Com – When a player is non-combative conveniently avoiding combat or going combative (/9on) to gain an advantage.

No player may quickly switch from one to the other for convenience.



Player must have a clean log where no skills have been logged for at least 15 minutes. This is to prove they have fully left the area.

If a player needs to log off due to real life while in role play or combat it will be respected and considered legal. Be sure you announce to the players /99 that you must leave for RL and not just  non com/TP out

Too many ‘excused’ times leaving the battle will lead to suspicion.




All shooting through prims is illegal.

All melee that cause damage through a prim is illegal.

This included objects that ‘look like’ a broken window.

Manually rezzing a prim or object in battle is illegal


All skills through a prim are legal




Using offense skills ON a heal ball

Using healing skills on yourself while ON a heal ball while being attacked

Using healing skills on another player while they are fighting and you’re ON a heal ball

Jumping on a heal ball when defeated without role play is illegal

Remaining on a heal ball after another player has defeated you is illegal – must lay on the floor

Remaining on a heal ball after a player role plays kicking you off the heal ball is illegal

NOTE: The healing player is incapacitated and must comply to role play while ON the heal ball


Player may heal themselves

Player may heal other players while on the heal ball when there is NO combat

Player may jump off heal ball and use skills offensive, supportive and heal on themselves and other  




Combat role play flowing into any sim and is within the time frame of 15 mins will be defined as the same role play.

(Battle is over when the player(s) who ‘wins’ can leave without retaliation through skills and/or weapons and 15minutes has transpired)

At anytime the Judgement Game Master may godmod and end the battle immediately.


Mentor area : Community Center

Judgement players may use this area to help welcome players to Judgement. Players may not linger there is NOT helping a new or returning player. All players helping can go /9off, log their teaching/mentoring with time stamps and give to Izzebella Rossini. The mentor/helper will receive xp for helping the player AND will be reimbursed their XP tick time calculated by the mentoring logs submitted.

Any player that harasses or does not show a welcoming attitude to new or returning players either in the Judgement Community Center or in the universe are subject to a warning /dock for lack of good sportsmanship.



/9swap while in active combat is NOT allowed.

Once skills are used you MUST play that character ONLY.

In Combat  you must leave the area, swap sheets and wait 15 minutes before re-entering combat.



Please contact a Judgement Weapons Admin if you have any questions  (/9weapons)

Weapons Stacking is more than 2 weapons


Two (2) ranged weapons or 2 melee weapons or a mix of the two

Epee, martial arts, fists as a weapon type are considered to take up 1 weapons slot

Warning: All players must closely follow the guidelines set out by the Judgement Weapons Admins and stay up to date on legal or illegal weapons found on


Melee without an animation and sound indicating the attack is not permitted

Melee that shoot prims while in mouse view



Infinite clipsize of ammunition

bullets that push, orbit or cage

Tracers, trackings, phantoms or explosives

Exploits and multi-prim bullets


All players are responsible for knowing what weapons are legal and illegal

All players are required to have their weapon approved (if not on the weapon list) before using it in combat

All players are required to have the creator’s note card on the weapon

All players are required to follow the guideline settings on any weapon approved.


“Dummy” or “Costume” inactive weapons do not count against your weapons limit.
*Be sure to check with the admin to prove these are Costume only*



OOC – Out of Character

Out of Character = The Real Life Player who is behind the computer making real life comments about another real life person, thing, or belief.

All interaction either in local chat with brackets, /99 or IMs.

IC -In Character

In Character = The Real Life Player pretending at all times to be a fantasy character, behaving in such manner and accepting that the other characters are fantasy as well.

OOC Insults

When a real life person makes a real life opinion about another real life player, thing or belief that explicitly shows disrespect.

We are players from around the world that are playing a full on dark combat role play XRPS. Some offensive words may not be offensive in another culture and the Judgement staff reserves the right to say some words/ phrases are not OOC offensive.
Patience is needed.

“Fuck you” is used as often as ‘hello’ in a Dark Sim. Please do not view this as an insult or at least realize maybe it needs to be let go as not a biggie.
Repeated “Fuck you’ however, will be viewed as OOC insulting.
Using CAPS to clarify your ‘anger’ is definitely viewed as OOC insulting.

Anyone that is OOC  in IMs or local chat is subject to warnings, dockings and / or ban.

Judgement expects players to be respectful and mature while remembering  Judgement is a dark role play universe and a game.


Harassment is against Judgement rules and the TOS of Linden Labs. OOC harassment will not be tolerated nor will cloaking in “In Character” role play. Please keep in mind that such conduct means the community suffers and then management will have to step in to take appropriate actions.

SPY DEVICES They are viewed as harassment and are not allowed anywhere in the Judgement Sims.
Please see the Linden Lab Terms of Service and you are responsible for complying with these terms.

Judgement Universe respects the privacy of all players. No one is allowed to copy paste chat from IMs and/or logs to then post on public channels or to pass around in note cards. Anyone doing so will be docked a minimum of 2%.

Harassing a player in Judgement channels will immediately place the harasser on mute and likely ejection from the channel. If deemed severe enough, the harasser will be docked and/or banned from Judgement universe as well.

Offensive or True OOC words

Nationalities- There are no countries in the fantasy world of Judgement
Ethnic and Religious – There are no religions or races from real world
Reference to real world history events
Certain Words or Phrases that are or almost always OOC even in IC – Noob, Nigger, Nazi, Cheater, Admin, Ticket, Meter, Dictionary, Spell “read the words” (list may be updated)
Words that are especially offensive OOC to certain cultures so please be respectful are: Cunt, Stupid, Idiot

Playing Alts:

Judgement does not mind players who have alts HOWEVER it is illegal for the player to have the alt and main player wearing an active meter at the same time.

No player may share their alt with another player as it is against the Second Life Terms of Service agreement (TOS).

If any player is in an active role play or combat situation and crashes or leaves the battle they are not allowed to bring their ALT in to complete the role play or combat.

If anyone does this they will receive a straight dock and / or ban.

Dual logging: Players will receive 25% is found dual logging on each avie

Outing of Alts

The Outing of Alts of any community player whether in open chat or IM is illegal. If done, that player will be severely docked and/or possibly banned.
Outing a real life name of a player – this is wrong and illegal and will be addressed in the same manner as outing alts



Must have a running XRPS meter when engaged in aggressive role play

Minimal Role Play – If a player is defeated and the victor wishes to bind and drag them back to their faction headquarters, THEY MUST COMPLY *

Player is expected to accept binding and capture. They must attach binds, use the XRPS Role Play or the other player’s.

Player is expected to role play in text as part of the role play *NO pre-text role play

Player is expected to follow and respect the role play.

1. minimal role play does include being bound and possibly caged
2. minimal role play does require the captive be engaged

Victors may ask permission from the defeated player to “portal’ them back to their headquarters. The captive may refuse and the victor must respect this refusal. (exception- sim crossings, player can insist if anyone is lost in the crossing the defeated player can legally be teleported to the other side and then the ‘dragging’ may continue)

Metagaming – When the player mentions any information that is impossible to obtain about another player and is known only out of character (RL) or information from a past role play world.

Godmod- When a player takes God like powers from another the player then begins controlling how the other feels, acts, thinks.



DEFEATED player must state their profile limits in OOC local chat brackets or IM the player.

They cannot say, ‘ read my profile”.

Management understands personal limits change this means the defeated is expect to state their limits  every time they role play.

No player is allowed to force another player to role play beyond the victor’s said limits.

All defeated players are fully responsible for telling the victor their personal role play limits.



Nudity – the player can role play taking off the clothes but must revert to basic “under clothing’ wear.

Taking of weapons and communication devices

Shaving the head. – let’s remember hair can grow back and can magically re-grow after the role play with the assistance of a friend and a few choice words.
Please know cutting and maiming a body can be healed again in role play.
NOTE: This is a fine line where the maiming of one part should not open the door of another.

Ex: Maiming of sexual parts is reason for some to say NO and will be supported by Judgement.

Sexual intentions

[Please remember this is a Mature Dark Role Play sim and sex is part of it. If you really can't handle even mild sexual content then please rethink Judgement. No one will penalize you for saying 'no' to sex where pose balls and sexual humiliation is included, however, suggestive sexual 'overtures' will be considered within the grounds of legal content for this type of sim.]

Players are expected to role play the script (within minimal role play) but the avatar does not have to.

NOT ALLOWED without full consent (please discuss this in IM)

Permanent Character Death
Scat and Water Sports
Sexual humiliation, mutilation or pose ball directed
Time Limits lower than one (1) hour -> discuss time in IMs

What is RAPE? -> Rape is any penetration into the sexual parts of the body whether is it to the defeated OR demanded of the defeated.

Rape is taking a sexual part of a body and orally forcing it on the other.

Do not ask someone to do what you will not do (your limits) unless you IM them and negotiate a head of time



Fast Forward (FF) means that if a captured player feels the role play is uncomfortable due to their limits they can opt out of the interaction HOWEVER your body may leave but the role play can continue and your name and reference of you can continue.
NOTE: In cases of rape, humiliation, sex.. etc.. all role play is expected to END at the time of the FF

How to do a FF ( Fast Forward)

NOTE: Please know this option should be utilized sparingly.
1. Contact the other player in IM and share your profile limits
2. Try to come to a compromise so role play can continue
3. Ask if they wish to have an Admin or Game Master to help redirect the role play.
4. If not resolved declare FF and leave the scene.
5. Contact a Admin/GM and explain why .. You are not required to include logs.
NOTE: A Fast Forward is NOT a do not contact order and players may interact as soon as they wish after ( ie. immediately if they want)

Fade to Black – MAY ONLY BE DONE BY Judgement Management and will be done sparingly

Muting- Muting is not allowed and will be considered a non friendly community action.
Any muting without the direct consent of a Sr. Admin/Management can be docked up to 10%.


Taking pictures in role play 375meters and below

Photos taken must be fully role played into the script – any nudity/sexual must require permission to photo and distribute

Photos cannot be distributed to others without full role play (this is in any sim in Judgement)

All players that receive pics must role play receiving them and if distributed must be fully role played.

All players that have such photos must be prepared to have photos be “stealable” meaning they can be attacked and have the photos stolen from them AND if the player that had the photos stolen continues to distribute them, this is considered OOC and they will be docked.




Gesturbating & general spamming: Gesturbating is repeatedly typing a word / phrase / or symbols to the point it becomes spam. It’s not permitted due to the annoyance factor and disruption to the community.

Gesturbating in sound/audible gestures including the titlers. pregnant expressions, pets, howling, laughter, crying and canned text that becomes audible

Music not authorized  and/or words in the verses that are offensive is viewed as griefing.

Players will be warned then docked for gesturbating – viewed as borderline griefing

GRIEFING: NO Shields, Cagers, Orbiters, or Explosives are allowed in Judgement. These are griefing tools that go strictly against these rules and Second Life Community Standards TOS




1. All players are expected to work within the community and not be disruptive to role play (this includes combat ) which does not require Admin involvement.
Players who have multiple admin calls placed on them due to their inability to work within the rules will be subject to a temporary banning.

2. Players who repeatedly disrupt role play by requesting a Judgement Admin/GM due to their lack of willingness to work within the community or negotiate with the other player(s) will be docked and/or banned.

When player is AFK (Away from the Computer) but remains logged in with a running XRPS meter to take advantage of the time based xp award system.
To avoid problems due to emergencies or falling asleep at the keyboard, we advise turning/taking off your meter (/9off)
Any anti-idlers or other means of avoiding being logged out automatically while gaining XP by Second Life will be seen as an exploit – high dock and/or ban

PERFUNCTORY PLAYER: A player that lacks interest, caring or enthusiasm is indifferent and apathetic. These players are those that remain in the community with an Active Running Meter while really not interacting with the players. These players often only say ‘hello’ to the general public or staff and are clearly are only ‘collecting ‘ XP. These players are squeaking by the idling rule while not involved at all in the general fun of playing in the Judgement community.

Docking of the Perfunctory Player:

1. The Staff will warn them first that their inactivity is being noticed (this is not a once or twice issue but a habitual player).

2. The player that is found to be habitual will be docked 50% of their XP.. They will receive it 80% back of the 50% dock when they begin to interact with the community on a regular basis over a 30 day period.

If they show true involvement the player receives percentages back over four (4) weeks until 80% of the dock is returned

To some of you this seems harsh but, is it really fair to allow this player to be “legally idling”? No it is not. We’re a community of players actively interacting, who respect each other and gaining XP should be done honestly.

REMEMBER- There are not a lot of players who are like this and we all know who they are (as do they) .. .. this is to help discourage them and keep it fair.


XRPS METER and Height

Meter must be above the head.

All XRPS meters must be easily visible both in terms of color and unobstructed.

Avatar Height – All avatars must be at least 4ft – 12ft tall.

Judgement management reserves the right to disapprove or approve heights within or not within these standards.



Child Avatars are NOT allowed in Judgement

If you look anything like, or act like a baby, adolescent, toddler, or small child in any way you will be banned from Judgement.
You will be Banned from Judgement for violating this policy, and may be reported to LL for further action.
This is a mature sim and all children avies are a TOS for LL.

This includes, but is not limited to
1. Artifacts of childhood (baby bottles, cribs, bibs, diapers, rattles, stuffed animals)
2. Child Clothing and Attire
3. Child Body Shapes (child like stuffed animals, under developed sexually etc)
4. Child Speech, Emotes, or Gestures
5. Anything that is debatable
6. Children’s play ground equipment.
7. Adolescent AOs

LINDENS LAB’s own policy if you need additional clarification … g-ageplay/



Grudge and Judgement sims.

Pestilence, Repentance, Reliance

A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. “sit” cars, motorcycles, trucks)

No Flying Vehicles



Parcel Owner’s Rights
1. To ban players if it is reasonable-IM admin
2. To sell their rental property – use an EM for transfer
3.They must sell their parcel to someone with the Judgement Community

A. Perimeter walls and fences must be either able to jump or have phantom access. If there is something else, they are expected to first clear it with Judgement Management.
Why: The Community is enhanced by good interaction whether it is combat and /or text. Having impermeable walls may make for a build but as some have heard me say ” what good is it to have a defense wall so impossible to get through when no one can play? Pretty soon, this player is sitting alone lonely for action and has to leave the ‘great wall’ to find the very player they so dearly wanted to keep out.

B. All players are expect to maintain the theme created for the role play which is ‘decay war torn and signs of neglect.
C. All sky boxes must be above the cloud cover, no exceptions

Parcel Owner’s Do Not have the Right
1. Have locked and ‘pickable’ doors
2. To place security systems below 375m
3. To have a build that is not conducive to role play or matching the theme of Judgement Universe.
4. No build’s base higher than 60meters and all must be under 100m

Perimeter walls and fences must be either able to jump or have phantom access.

All sky boxes must be above the cloud cover, no exceptions
No pickable or security systems under 375m

All players are expect to maintain the theme created for the role play which is ‘decay war torn and signs of neglect

Commercial Property
Land owners must keep all OOC commercial interest above 400m

Parcel Payment
Due on the 15th of every month



All rules are subject to change if it appears the Judgement Community believes it needs to. No rule is hard and fast. Some rules will not be made until someone makes a mistake and the Management realizes that they ‘ forgot “ one. It happens. The Judgement Community will only be strengthen by member involvement in all areas both OOC and IC . This includes players offering sound solutions to apparent problems and/or evaluating what rules work and which ones do not. Obviously some rules that are in place now probably will not be permanent because as the Judgement Community grows the needs and demands will change. Please know the Judgement Management is committed to making your role playing experience a positive one.

The official version of the rules can be found at If you are looking at the rules via any other format or link, then you should consider it reference only, and check the official version for any differences that may be more recent than the copy you may be reviewing.

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Thx Leco for the rules, i want that all ppl respect it! It's very important for the familly. 

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