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Christy Odets Wanted

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 19 Aoû - 21:49 (2010)    Sujet du message: Christy Odets Wanted Répondre en citant

Notice Groupe by Evo:

Je fait passer une Larva, $bire s'il me ramene cette pouff sans comm's à la base HS.

I place a Larva, Sbire if you give me this bich tied and without com's in the HS base.


[11:33]  Christy Odets smells something
[11:34]  Christy Odets glances to the door and notices where the stench is coming from
[11:34]  JadaLee Xue: smells like cabbage.......
[11:34]  Stan Jigsaw sort une photo de sa poche puis regarde Christy
[11:34]  Stan's translator: / Me pulls out a photo of his pocket and looks Christy
[11:34]  Christy Odets: awwwww ur anal slut leader sent you for me?
[11:34]  Stan Jigsaw smiles... : " I have a Job "
[11:34]  Stan's translator: / Me smiles ... "I Have a Job"
[11:34]  Christy Odets: uh huh
[11:34]  Christy Odets: and it will be for u to clean ur leaders ass off my strap on
[11:34]  sandaya Baxton: hihih
[11:35]  Stan Jigsaw: Can you follow please? * points Christy *
[11:35]  Stan's translator: Can you please follow? * Points * Christy
[11:35]  Stan Jigsaw: in the hell
[11:35]  Stan's translator: in the hell
[11:36]  Stan Jigsaw smiles... " I repeat... can you follow me please? "
[11:36]  Stan's translator: / Me smiles ... "I repeat ... can you please follow me?"

[11:36]  lecosutre Boa: you are so polite bro!

[11:36]  Stan Jigsaw: I try to be polite yes... but it dont work
[11:36]  Stan's translator: I try To Be polite yes ... whose purpose it work

[11:37]  lecosutre Boa: hahaha nice to see someone stays polite in our familly

[11:37]  Stan Jigsaw: well.. i need to try an other thing
[11:37]  Stan's translator: well .. i need to try an other thing
[11:37]  Stan Jigsaw envoie un coup de poing dans la tete de christy
[11:37]  Stan's translator: / Me sends a punch in the head christy

[11:37]  XRPS V0.9.5 - METER: Stan Jigsaw uses Vendetta on the area.

[11:37]  lecosutre Boa passes the fuck out !!

[11:39]  Stan Jigsaw drags christy

[11:42]  Asix Diesel: ?/me kneels and bind miho

[11:43]  Christy Odets: how many it take shit

[11:43]  lecosutre Boa binds cristy
[11:43]  lecosutre Boa attaches her arms with her feet in her back with a second steel cord
[11:44]  lecosutre Boa drags cristy
[11:45]  lecosutre Boa binds her carefully again attaching her arms with her feet in her back
[11:45]  lecosutre Boa drags her again
[11:47]  lecosutre Boa removes her coms to be sure she can't be localisated anymore

[11:50]  Evo Ditko: Bwahaaa hahahaha...

[11:51]  lecosutre Boa: hey bro see what we trapped for you!
[11:51]  lecosutre Boa (from english): hey bro voir ce que nous pris au piège pour vous!

[11:51]  Evo Ditko: impecable, qui en est l'auteur ?
[11:51]  Evo Ditko: impecable , who is the author ?

[11:51]  Christy Odets laughs
[11:51]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me rit
[11:51]  Christy Odets: ohh about 5 of ya
[11:51]  Christy Odets (from english): ohh environ 5 de Ya

[11:51]  Evo Ditko grab christy by the hairs
[11:51]  Evo Ditko: / Me grab the hairs by christy

[11:52]  lecosutre Boa: well Stan and asix got her bro
[11:52]  lecosutre Boa (from english): et Stan et ASIX obtenu son frère
[11:52]  lecosutre Boa Hehehehe

[11:52]  Christy Odets: yes you should be proud
[11:52]  Christy Odets (from english): oui, vous devriez être fiers

[11:53]  lecosutre Boa: she is all yours *leaves Cristy over here on the floor *
[11:53]  lecosutre Boa (from english): elle est tout * Vendez feuilles Cristy plus ici sur le sol *

[11:53]  Christy Odets: only took all of em to get me
[11:53]  Christy Odets (from english): seulement pris toutes em me chercher

[11:53]  Evo Ditko sourit à la captive au sol:" bien je crois que l'un de nos membres à gagner un nouvau titre." *regarde christy* "comment tu aimes ce lieux ?"
[11:53]  Evo Ditko: / Me smiles at the captive on the ground : " Well I think one of our members to win a newcomer to build capacity. " christy * looks * " how you like this site ? "

[11:53]  Christy Odets: you got a nice bunch here
[11:53]  Christy Odets (from english): Vous avez un beau bouquet ici

[11:53]  lecosutre Boa: yeah yeah 3 agaisnt 3 and we kicked ya shh
[11:53]  lecosutre Boa (from english): ouais ouais 3 agaisnt 3 et nous avons lancé ya shh
[11:53]  lecosutre Boa takes a sit waiting to see what will happen to her
[11:53]  lecosutre Boa (from english): / me prend un sit attend de voir ce qui va arriver à son

[11:56]  Christy Odets growls loudly to him "YOU WILL PAY DEARLY IF YOU TOUCH ME"
[11:56]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me grogne très fort à lui " que vous devrez payer cher si tu me touches "

[11:56]  Stan Jigsaw se gratte la tete... : " La prochaine fois.. je ne serais plus poli "
[11:56]  Stan's translator: / Scratching my head ... "The next time .. I would not be polite"
[11:56]  Stan's translator (from english): / me gratter la tête ... " La prochaine fois .. je ne serait pas poli "

[11:56]  Christy Odets: and neither will I believe me boy
[11:56]  Christy Odets (from english): et je ne me croyez garçon
[11:56]  Christy Odets: ask ur boss how polite i am
[11:56]  Christy Odets (from english): demande le patron ur la politesse je suis

[11:57]  Evo Ditko grab christy by the hair and raise her head up to his mouth:"There we gon did i not promised to you that?"
[11:57]  Evo Ditko: / grab me by the hair and christy raise Loved Her Head up to mouth : "There we gon ' Did I not Promised to You that? "

[11:57]  Christy Odets feels her pulse quicken a bit as she yelps feeling her hair being pulled
[11:57]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me sent son pouls s'accélérer un peu comme elle jappe sentiment ses cheveux tiré

[11:59]  Evo Ditko grins as he notice that she's not alot talkative, he grab the girl by the hair and drag her with him
[11:59]  Evo Ditko: / me grins as ET leaflet That She 's not talkative lot , hey grab the girl by the hair and drag Her With Him
[11:59]  Evo Ditko throw her body on the tree and tie her hand and legs on it
[11:59]  Evo Ditko: / Her body Throw me on the tree and tie Her hand on it and bequests

[12:00]  Christy Odets glances around taking in her surroundings
[12:00]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me regarde autour de prenant dans ses environs

[12:00]  Steel Cord Bindings: Evo Ditko stops the captive from tampering with the bindings.
[12:00]  Steel Cord Bindings (from english): Evo Ditko arrête la captivité de manipulation avec les fixations .

[12:01]  Evo Ditko raise his hand against Christy's thigh and pet her skin till her entre-jambes...Evo look at directly in her eyes and grins evily"How your feeling is going bich?"
[12:01]  Evo Ditko: / I Loved raise hand and thigh Against Christy 's pet Her Till Her skin between her legs ... look at Evo Directly in her Eyes and grins evily " How your feeling IS going bich ? "

[12:01]  Christy Odets growls loudly as she feels his hand against her flesh "Dont touch me"
[12:01]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me grogne très fort , comme elle sent sa main contre sa chair " Ne me touche pas "
[12:02]  Christy Odets: you think im a bitch now?
[12:02]  Christy Odets (from english): vous pensez Im un blaireau?
[12:02]  Christy Odets: just you wait
[12:02]  Christy Odets (from english): Attends un peu
[12:02]  Christy Odets struggles a bit against the ropes holding her
[12:02]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me un peu luttes contre les cordes retenant son

[12:03]  Evo Ditko laughs:" you wont i touch you now? You're funy....*evo takes out a needle and press his torso against her body to whisper into her ear" i'll make you virginal back, what you think about it ?"
[12:03]  Evo Ditko: / Me laughs : " you wont i touch you now ? 're funy evo ....* Takes out a needle and press Loved Against Her body torso to whisper Into Her Ear " I'll make you virginal back , What You Think about it ? "

[12:03]  Christy Odets: hmmmm well if that is what turns you on boy
[12:03]  Christy Odets (from english): hmmmm bien si c'est ce que vous tourne sur le garçon
[12:04]  Christy Odets chuckles a bit as she looks to him
[12:04]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me rigole un peu comme elle a l'air de lui
[12:04]  Christy Odets raises her knee a bit slamming it against his chest
[12:04]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me lève son genou un peu il claquer contre sa poitrine

[12:05]  Evo Ditko spride christ(y's pantie with the top og his finger....her knee slamming against his chest push him back a bit...He chuckles and come back to her as he tear her skirt off and tear her top too.
[12:05]  Evo Ditko: / Me Sprider Christ ( there 's pantie with the top finger .... og Loved Her knee slamming Against Loved Him chest push back a bit ... He Chuckles and come back to Her as Her skirt ET tear off and tear Her top too .

[12:07]  Christy Odets tears begin to run down her cheek as she feel her clothes ripped from her weakened body
[12:07]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me larmes commencent à courir sur sa joue comme elle sentir ses vêtements déchirés de son corps affaibli
[12:07]  Christy Odets glares to him with tears in her eyes
[12:07]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me fusille à lui avec des larmes dans les yeux

[12:08]  Steel Cord Bindings shouts: Christy Odets has slipped their bindings without being released!
[12:08]  Steel Cord Bindings (from english): Odets Christy a glissé de leurs consolidations sans être sorti!

[12:09]  Christy Odets breathes deeply as she tries to gain composure
[12:09]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me respire profondément comme elle cherche à gagner du froid

[12:09]  Evo Ditko got a vicious look as he notice these tear flowing,:" is the way i would to see you"...*Evo grab her puss in a full hand and start sewing her pussy lips together...We can notice some blood flowing the long of her legs till the floor."Do you like it?"
[12:09]  Evo Ditko: / I 've got a vicious look thesis ET leaflet tear flowing ,: "Is the way i would to see you grab "...* Evo Her puss in a full hand and start sewing Her pussy lips together ... We can record 
Some blood flowing along the legacy of Her Till the floor . "Do you like it ? "

[12:10]  Christy Odets growls loudly "I hope ur cock is worth this boy"
[12:10]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me grogne très fort " J'espère ur coq vaut ce garçon "
[12:10]  Christy Odets: cause I promise you If my mate doesnt chop that cock off for this
[12:10]  Christy Odets (from english): car je vous promets Si mon partenaire ne marche pas couper ce coq au large de cette
[12:10]  Christy Odets: I will
[12:10]  Christy Odets (from english): Je vais
[12:10]  Christy Odets: and your family will ALL suffer
[12:10]  Christy Odets (from english): et votre famille souffrent tous
[12:11]  Christy Odets smiles a bit as she drowns out the pain with thoughts of revenge
[12:11]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me sourit un peu comme elle se noie dans la douleur avec des pensées de vengeance
[12:11]  Christy Odets feeling her strength regain from the pain
[12:11]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me sentant ses forces retrouver de la douleur
[12:12]  Christy Odets: your entire family will pay
[12:12]  Christy Odets (from english): toute votre famille paiera
[12:12]  Christy Odets: you do understand what you have begun
[12:12]  Christy Odets (from english): vous comprenez ce que vous avez commencé
[12:12]  Christy Odets: ur sluts will be relentlessy HUNTED
[12:12]  Christy Odets: ur boys will be tortured
[12:12]  Christy Odets (from english): ur les garçons d'être torturé
[12:13]  Christy Odets grins as she uses a bit of energy to show him what she means
[12:13]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me sourit comme elle utilise un peu d'énergie pour lui montrer ce qu'elle veut
[12:13]  Christy Odets: I am not one to fuck with
[12:13]  Christy Odets (from english): Je ne suis pas à baiser avec

[12:13]  Evo Ditko laughs:" I'am used to there lil games and i'll surprise you...I like it alot.....* evo end to sew these pussy lips together and leave his hand her puss...he down his body on the floor and grab some rock to pull them deeply into her ass......he let then christy fall on the floor out of the tree"
[12:14]  Evo Ditko: / me laughs : " I'am Used to there lil games and I'll surprise you ... I like it a lot .....* evo end-to- sew lips together and thesis pussy leave Loved Her hand puss ... he Loved body down on the Floor and grab to pull 'em Some rock Deeply Into Her Ass ...... ET christy Then let fall on the Floor Out of the tree "

[12:14]  XRPS V0.9.5 - METER (from english): Evo Ditko utilise Scratch sur Odets Christy

[12:14]  Christy Odets growls loudy
[12:14]  Christy Odets (from english): / Me gronde Loudy

[12:19]  Evo Ditko bound christy back

[12:19]  Christy Odets: you cant even fight alone Evo sad fucking leader
[12:19]  Christy Odets wipes a bit of blood from her mouth

[12:20]  Evo Ditko took off his cock from his pant and place her up to christy's mouth:" next to a battle like this strangly i often have to pee" *evo let his "vessie" goes into her mouth
[12:20]  Evo Ditko: / Took off my cock from Loved Loved Her trousers and place up to christy 's mouth : "Next to a battle like this strangly i Often Have to pee " * evo let Loved " bladder " Goes Into Her Mouth
[12:21]  Evo Ditko take her body with him next to put upp his pant:"i now have finished with you come baby"
[12:21]  Evo Ditko: / I Take Her Body With Him next to put upp Loved pant : "i Have now finished with you come baby "

[12:24]  XRPS V0.9.5 - METER: Christy Odets revives and is weakened.

[12:25]  lecosutre Boa Hehehehe

[12:25]  Evo Ditko: hi5 stan

[12:25]  Christy Odets growls
[12:26]  Christy Odets: just wait boys
[12:26]  Christy Odets: your asses and then some will be mine

[12:26]  Evo Ditko throw christy away in the other land:" byesee you soon rockass"

[12:26]  Christy Odets: close ur eyes

[12:26]  LandonCaleb Zepp: drags her
✰✰✰ Evo ✰✰✰

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Mon premier RP avec vous, très sympa : ))  / My first RP with you, so funny : ))

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